Evan Genest's Learning Log

Web developer notes emphasizing LAMP, Symfony, PHP, Javascript, Drupal, and Node.

This is an Eleventy project created from the eleventy-base-blog repo.


  1. DevTools Local Storage
  2. Plain Writing
  3. SQL Exercises for a 40 Line Database
  4. SQL Exercises for a 299,938 Line Database
  5. Turns Out the Gnu Calendar is a Great Pomodoro replacement
  6. Troubleshooting Tips for Matomo Web Page Analytics
  7. Matomo specs and dependencies
  8. De-Google With the Creators of Plausible
  9. Magento demo site at Tealium
  10. Quick survey of the Javascript loaded by the Tealium demo page
  11. Examples of Site Analytics Tags
  12. Common examples of Find and Grep
  13. Start a local Node API server and then test it
  14. Installing Eleventy
  15. Sitebuilding notes from Drupal class
  16. Nice Frontend JS/CSS
  17. How to find a job as a Junior Developer in Web Development
  18. Drupal Class
  19. Building a Drupal Site
  20. Pull requests checklist!
  21. HTML and CSS snippets
  22. SQL Examples
  23. Many Many Git Syntax Examples
  24. Linux places
  25. Nine Examples of sed and tr with Regular Expressions
  26. Javascript Examples