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How to find a job as a Junior Developer in Web Development

junior developer

Job searching as a web developer with two years of professional experience has been patchy sometimes. Here are some things that I have figured out the hard way mostly.

The Job Title "Web Developer"

If you search the ads for the job title "Web Developer", the job requirements don't usually ask for <3 years experience. What I discovered is, there are LOTS of openings for people with 0 - 3 years of web developer experience; they are not called Web Developer positions. They are called Customer Success, Customer Support, Support Engineer, or similar. Most companyies don't seem to recruit totally green devs and say "here's the keys, you drive for awhile".

Full Stack Developer

This is doubly true of "Full Stack Developer". When someone says Full Stack, they mean at the very least someone who has built, for money, a full stack and deployed it to production, or more likely, has been in the business for 4+ years.

There's gold at the bottom of the page

Click the careers link at the bottom of the tech you use. Node, Next, Github, Postman, Wordpress... all of these places hire developers.

How many jobs are even advertised

I heard 30% of the web developer openings get advertised on a paid ad site like Linked In. That was mentioned by Gergely Orosz, an Uber engineer who wrote The Tech Resume: Inside Out.

Do you love Rust?

If there is a certain technology you love (Go, Rust, Self driving cars), find nice sounding roles that are too beyond you now ("Senior Dev Needed, 8 yrs experience") and research that specific company to find their entry level openings. If you get in, you have positioned yourself for the next step on the ladder and have a leg up as an internal hire. Example: The senior dev jobs posted at are beyond me, but I can

Some job titles that allow for 0 - 2 years experience

These are all client facing. Make sure you like that.

Testing jobs

Learning to write reasonable tests can be picked up in a couple months, and it is a good alternative foot in the door if you prefer a role where you just see your team and a machine and no clients. Look for these job titles:

Make sure you know the specific terms and skills, such as "P.O.I.S.E.D." Install and watch a tutorials about Postman, Insomnia, Cypress, Selenium, PHPUnit, Mocha, Cucumber, et al. There's a funny, wise, wide-ranging conversation about testing with Andre Young on Episode 143 of Web Rush.