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These are notes to myself. If you discover them and find them useful I would love to hear from you. Most of these are related to travel I did, books I read, or tech notes for Matomo and the LAMP stack.

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Proposal for a Hike Up the Stromboli Volcano


Possible Seven Day Itinerary

  1. Fly to Napoli Italy. (700USD round trip.) Sleep
  2. See Pompeii (or Herculaneum) Eat Margarita and house wine for dinner.
  3. See a professional soccer game: Milan vs Napoli. Find where to buy tickets. Board ferry at dusk.
  4. Arrive at Stromoboli at sunup. Disembark. Climb volcano. Spend night on Napoli or get next ferry.
  5. Optionals: next ferry can go to Tunisia from here (Star Wars Episode 4), Palermo, or back to Napoli
  6. Napoli day: National Museum of Archaeology
  7. Home

Places mentioned in this guide

Cost to fly Chicago to Napoli

$700USD round trip

Danger level of the volcano

Manageable. You can sort of see where most of the rocks come down during the eruptions.
Time up and down: 9am to 4pm. Very civilized; no early rising required.