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These are notes to myself. If you discover them and find them useful I would love to hear from you. Most of these are related to travel I did, books I read, or tech notes for Matomo and the LAMP stack.

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Tagged “travel”

  1. Proposal for a Hike Up the Stromboli Volcano
  2. Packing list for city 50F lows 70F highs
  3. Packing list for Arkansas half tenting half hosted
  4. Trips From Madison
  5. Packing list for a Domestic Business Trip to a 40 to 60 Faherenheit Climate
  6. Things to do when visiting Ubud, Bali, Lombok, Indonesia
  7. Packing list for a warm climate
  8. Advice when visiting Indonesia
  9. Retrospective of the Last Year
  10. A Week in New Orleans
  11. We Rode the Amtrak Sleeper Car to New Orleans
  12. How to do Snorkeling and Tent Camping in Key Largo and the Everglades

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