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Packing list for Arkansas half tenting half hosted



The following list is for a one week car camping trip to Arkansas. Highs 78 F, Lows 40 F, with some rain.


laundry bag for dirty clothes
puffy nylon zip up
Pajamas long
sun hat
three pairs of underpants
3 pairs of socks
1 pair short pants
1 long pants &&
1 long pants
2 short sleeved, button up shirts (1 black, 1 "microfiber" from 14th Street),
1 long sleeve Kuhl shirt
1 long sleeve corduroy or flannel &&
1 vest (mainly for pockets in car situations)
long sleeve pullover, synthetic mesh (Nike dry-fit undershirt)
super thin sunshirt (with hood, pullover style, Outdoor Research)
2 cotton tshirts (mostly for sleeping, but also for conversation starters)
1 thin wool (e.g. v neck)
1 rain pants bottom (top - but might consider rain pants bottom too if rainier season. But in tropics, getting damp isn't life threatening)
Keen water sandals &&
the rainbow Merrel shoes
bathing trunks
wristwatch (more useful than in normal life) &&

photocopy of the passport
electric toothbrush + charger
!important Power Cord for laptop !!
charger cables: phone, mp3
two flashlights (or one headlamp)
toothbrush manual
3 pens
1 pocket journal &&
cord for clothesline

Day pack

little neck gaiter
Working Families cap
black nylon fur lined winter cap &&
1 rain shell top
laptop - for taxes and email
print out daily mileage, time in AZ notebook + snapshot it
get the accomodations addresses
2 small mp3 players ($30 style) with Chop Bard podcasts
cell phone &&
headphones (plugin, not blue tooth)
2 books (one each fiction, non-fiction, the latter with paper for taking notes)
chewing gum 2 packs
can opener


a stack of cash ~400
toiletries: bar of soap, deoderant, nail clippers, floss, disinfectent ointment, razor)

Camping stuff

(This is not complete.)
important matches !!
Stove + Fuel
Sleeping pad
Sleeping bag
(Noah's Tarp is DOA)
tarp if 50% chance of rain camp