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Newspapers Have to Make Money Somehow

web analytics


I used Builtwith to check the tracking and web analytics used by several large circulation newspapers.

This is not a careful list yet. It jumbles the good and the bad.

This list includes the innocent:

as well as the profiteers:

Financial Times, Analytics and Tracking

The Financial Times uses 14 marketing technologies:

Le Monde, Analytics and Tracking

Le Monde uses 1 marketing technology:

The Guardian UK

The Guardian UK uses 4 marketing technologies:

New York Times

The NYT uses 13 marketing technologies:

USA Today

The NYT uses 20 marketing technologies:

The Wisconsin State Journal

The WSJ uses 23 marketing technologies:

Martech 5000

Part of my interest is to check the media's participation in the Martech 5000 ecosystem.

Image of something vaguely creepy, yet intriguing:

A cryptically evil person
The key to your house, hanging on a wall somewhere in Russia


The European media use fewer Marketing Technologies. Le Monde is especially low Martech/high Privacy.

Among the American media, the smaller the site traffic, the more ad revenue they seem to be trying to squeeze out of their platform.

Coming soon, radio too (TODO):
WNYC Public Radio in New York City
WORT Community Radio in Madison
Radio France