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Getting Things Done


David Allen reboot

I learned the system Getting Things Done in 2008 but incompletely implemented it. Most of what I know is from Getting Things Done, the book by David Allen.

For 2022 it is one of my personal resolutions to implement it again. I told RG about it and he commented "It probably doesn't help that the two people I've worked with who were hardore GTD guys were super unproductive, haha. They spent lots of time organizing their tasks and little time completing them. That combined with my own failure to stick with it (or most systems, really) may have soured me on it a bit."

Things to emphasize this time

The final stage of my daily process is leaky: once I schedule things, they either end up being the 4/7 things that didnt get done that day or they get put on my calendar but I am not living in my calendar, so the day comes and goes.

Meg says she had success with the Rule of 3's I shared with her. I could add that to Getting Things Done.