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In Matomo How Do I Track

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An index to help me find things on the Matomo website.

The vastness of the Matomo homepage FAQs can be conveyed by just trying to read any FAQ that starts with "How do I track..."

How do I track several websites, domains and multiple subdomains in Matomo?
How do I track Ecommerce orders, details of purchased products and abandoned carts on my website?
How do I track a visitor without cookies when they have not given consent for tracking cookies?
How do I track impressions and clicks and CTR of image banners and/or internal banner ads or text ads?
How do I track how many users open and read my newsletter emails (using a pixel / beacon)?
How do I track visits on my intranet?
How do I track a Phonegap app with Matomo?
How do I track the URL Hash tags so that the #hash appears in the Page URLs report, and in Visitor Log?
How do I track my RSS/Atom feed subscribers?
How do I track a website within an iframe
How do I track and measure how my Matomo service is being used?
How do I track user acquisition and social media activity with Matomo?
How do I track pages across Multilingual sites or sites in Multiple Languages in Matomo?
How do I track Page Scrolls or Page Scroll Depth in Matomo?
How do I track Page Scroll with Matomo Tag Manager?
How do I track Ecommerce interactions using the Tag Manager data layer?
How do I track my staging/dev/production websites automatically using the same Tag Manager container?
All visitors have the same IP address and Provider. How do I track individual IPs?
[What is the maximum URL length and how do I track my very long Page URLs and Page Titles without truncating them?](How do I track)
How do I track my videos when I am using the jQuery fancyBox plugin?
How do I track forms that do not have a form name or form id?
How do I track many of my online forms into one form in Matomo?
How do I track my web forms which are not inside a

element in the HTML markup?
How Do I Track a Multi Page Form using Form Analytics?
How do I track only a specific target group?
How do I track users of my own Android or iOS mobile app using Matomo?

Todo: I could sort these in descending order of most needed or least known.