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How to market after 3rd party cookies go away

In what sense are cookies "Going Away"

In 2023, people talk about cookies going away. What they mean is Chrome, the most common browser, finally solving its use of 3rd party cookies.

Safari and Firefox solved this problem years ago, by blocking third party cookies.

So what is a marketer to do? Especially an ethical marketer that respects people, privacy? Or if not, a marketer who wants to be relevant in California and Europe?


These are notes from Erin, Julian Juenemann, and elsewhere.

Three techniques for marketers who don't use third party cookies

Remember, these types of cookies are already deprecated in Europe and some browsers. Soon they will stop working in Chrome.

  1. Leverage your 1st Party and Zero Party data
    Quizzes and things that people want to explain. Self profilings on your site that you don't irresponsibly share outside of your legitimate use case.
  2. Track with a randomized fingerprint.
  3. Enable conversion imports in PPC platforms.
    PPC - The point is to reduce unnecessary spending and maximize PPC ROI through profitable ad channels.
    After an ad view, you want to detect certain "conversions":