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Protein bar comparison


To get things done at work,blood sugar needs to be kept from falling. I am subject to sugar crash an hour after eating some carbohydrates so I started trying various "bars" last year.

The contenders

Clif Bar Venus Williams crunchy peanut butter, w Venus Williams image
Kind Bar caramel almond
Kind Simple Crunch
Special K Keto Friendly
Special K Protein Meal Bar
peanut butter on Wasa 2 TB on 2 slices of crispbread (DIY)
grape nuts w raisins, nuts, oat milk
Pure Protein brand bars
Atkins Endulge
Zone Perfect Abbot Labs
keebler cheese and crackers

percent cal from sugar (%)

Lower is good.

02 Pure Protein brand
03 Special K Keto
06 peanut butter on Wasa
12 Kind Bar
15 Special K Protein
20 Kind Simple Crunch
30 Clif Bar Venus Williams
03 Atkins Endulge
30 Zone Perfect
10 cheese and crackers

Fiber per bar (g)

Higher is good.

9 Special K Keto
7 Kind Bar
6 peanut butter on Wasa
5 Special K Protein
4 Clif Bar Venus Williams
3 Kind Simple Crunch
2 Pure Protein brand
9 Atkins Endulge
0 Zone Perfect
0 cheese and crackers

Calories per bar

No preference

260 Clif Bar Venus Williams
170 Kind Bar
180 Kind Simple Crunch
160 Special K Keto
190 Special K Protein
260 peanut butter on Wasa
180 Pure Protein brand
170 Atkins Endulge
200 Zone Perfect
190 cheese and crackers

Calcium (%rda)

Clif Bar Venus Williams
Kind Bar
Kind Simple Crunch
Special K Keto
Special K Protein
6 peanut butter on Wasa
8 Pure Protein brand
2 Atkins Endulge
10 Zone Perfect
4 cheese and crackers

Cost per bar (USD)

Lower is good.

0.48 peanut butter on Wasa
0.70 Kind Simple Crunch
0.90 Kind Bar
0.95 Special K Keto
0.95 Special K Protein
1.04 Clif Bar Venus Williams
1.30 Pure Protein brand
Atkins Endulge
Zone Perfect
cheese and crackers