Evan Genest's Learning Log

I try to write in a clear way but then I become impatient and just start jotting.

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This is an Eleventy project created from the eleventy-base-blog repo.

Notes on using Eleventy

Error: "TemplateLayoutPathResolver directory does not exist"

This went away when I moved my working directory one level higher; a bit embarrassed.

In the future, might consider these also:

Error: Output conflict, Multiple input files are writing to...

Problem writing Eleventy templates: (more in DEBUG output)

Output conflict: multiple input files are writing to _site/tags/getting-things-done/index.html. Use distinct permalink values to resolve this conflict.

  1. ./tags.njk
  2. ./tags.njk

DuplicatePermalinkOutputError was thrown:

This was due to some missing formatting OR redundant labeling in the header.
The solution was to copy and paste a well formatted header from elsewhere and just edit that.

Git commands that were useful during blog editing