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Twitter using


How to use Twitter

Twitter is kind of unstructured in some ways. It is like driving a car with a manual transmission. Here are some ways I find it fun though.

The main thing is to not stay on your main feed too much.

Who you are following

This makes Twitter better than Facebook: you can more easily cultivate people who you find helpful and remove the people you find unhelpful. You'll have less guilt unfollowing someone on Twitter than on FB.

  1. Remove people that take you on doom scrolls. Put those folks onto a list. Call it Doom Scroll if you like.
  2. Make a list that is called Real People. These are people you have actually met IRL.

Browsing and connecting

  1. On your page, click your likes to see what you have been liking.

  2. On each thing you liked, without clicking, mouseover other folks that liked it. Click or engage with ones that seem like your peers.

  3. On old posts you made, find hashtags you used.

  4. Click on those and browse.

  5. Instead of reading your feed, go onto someone else's page and then just scroll their Likes.