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These are notes to myself. If you discover them and find them useful I would love to hear from you. Most of these are related to travel I did, books I read, or tech notes for Matomo and the LAMP stack.

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Clean Out the Fridge Soup


Kelp seaweed* (bow ties, cut up)
large can of whole tomatoes, cut up with scissors, in pot
TVP (textured vegetable protein, a soy product which Bob's Red Mill makes)
saurkraut and brine *
fennel heads
chili powder
ground ginger
olive oil (2 Tablespoons)(gets absorbed by the TVP)
sesame oil (teaspoon)
Worchestershire Sauce (1 Tablespoon)


  1. Barley, seaweed boil in some water, not too much, for 30 minutes.
  2. Add other ingredients and simmer an additional 20 minutes

Server with Bittman Bread


Like stone soup, this recipe nucleated around a single ingredient and the need to eat it somehow. We had too much saurkraut and it wouldn't last forever. Meg had made some saurkraut in the fall, from cabbage, and somehow it was both too salty and then it started a second ferment, with yeast, to make alcohol. We decided to arrest its development by putting it in a batch of whatever-soup.