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These are notes to myself. If you discover them and find them useful I would love to hear from you. Most of these are related to travel I did, books I read, or tech notes for Matomo and the LAMP stack.

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Just the Song Titles from Ani DiFranco No Walls


No Walls and the Recurring Dream
by Ani Di Franco

The Book

It's a great book. Very in tone with the rest of her work.

This gives more space for you to hear the hard luck stories, the idealism, and the very brave road tripping.

The Songs

These are the titles of the nine songs she gives the lyrics to:

Self Evident
The Slant
Grand Canyon
Imagine That

For more music

If all you have of Ani is an old cassette of Living in Clip there is a lot more and she is very busy still. You can listen for free at Bandcamp. And also purchase there.