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Medicare for Dummies


Medicare for Dummies by Patricia Barry

Chapter 1: Nuts and Bolts (pp. 9 - 18)

Medicare part A - you already paid this, through your paychecks and taxes.
Medicare part B - you have to pay a monthly premium, like it's health insurance.
Yearly cap on out of pocket? Yes in (C) but NOT in (A, B)
"Medigap" is what people buy as a cushion against the "sky is the limit" maximum out of pocket costs

Medicare has 4 parts:

Some preventative cares (B):

End of life! (A):

Old people living out their last years in a nursing home

Long hospital recoveries:
Days 1 - 60 are paid but then the co-pay becmes $300 and then $600 a day

Strange surprising part:

  1. Medicare costs money. It's a kind of health insurance company (by the US government) that has low premiums, cannot refuse you, BUT
  2. will make you pay an elevated fee for the rest of your life (!) if you forget to join when you turn 65 or within a few months of leaving your work insurance if you are over 65.
  3. Here is a screenshot of that confusing point:
    (screeenshot to go here from Medicare for Dummies)