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Booknotes Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto

Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto Edited by Lucian Dubroszycki


The ghetto Archives were organized initially by Henryk Neftalin. Authored then by Jozef Zelkowicz, Peter Wertheimer, Oskar Singer Oskar Rosenfeld Abram Kamieniecki, Jozef Kelmentynowski, Julian Cukier, Szmul Hecht, Bernard Heiling, Alicja de Bunon,, and others.


People are still protesting the bad conditions. An assembly of 700 shouts and demands better conditions.
A newspaper is in high demand, being sold for 10 cents, as fast as they can print it. The newspaper includes pep talks about how the youth can learn new trades for their new life.

Specific houses which can still be seen in Google Streetview


"Terrible things, things never before known in human history, were being played out there."
Transports leave throughout the book. They are unidirectional. No information comes back from them. In fact they were all headed for Auschwitz.
90 factories with 75,000 workers in Lodz Ghetto.
Made uniforms, bed linen, underwear, boots, telecom devices, paper, and down.
Could make 5000 uniforms per week for soldiers.